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Group Credit Officer (Multiple)

Arab Banking Corporation Manama, Bahrain
Posted 5 days ago In-Office Permanent Competitive

Department: Head Office Credit

Location (Country)Bahrain

Reports To: Group Credit Head of Wholesale Banking

Job Purpose:

  • Credit assessment: Supporting, promoting, monitoring, and controlling, on an independent and ongoing basis, the Bank’s pursuit of good quality loan and other risk assets within the Corporate Credit portfolio.
  • The Credit analyst will be responsible of evaluating the credit risk of new business and the periodic risk review of existing clients and ensuring these are aligned with risk appetite, policies, and procedures. Responsible for making a clear and timely recommendation to the appropriate credit committee.
  • Portfolio Review, Policies and Procedures: Conduct regular portfolio reviews of various corporate and sovereign obligors, understand, review, interpret and adopt all Credit policies and procedures. Escalate key risk issues related to the credit portfolio constituents.
  • Ensure adherence to Group’s Risk Appetite Statement, Group Credit Policy, Standards, and related procedures.

Principal Responsibilities, Accountabilities and Deliverables of Role:

The key responsibilities, accountabilities, and deliverables as below

  • Credit review Underwriting 

a) Ability to assess complex financials, projections, assess and summarize industry and country risks. 

b) Good writing and presentation abilities to cover complex structures and credit obligors in a succinct and clear manner.

c) Improve quality and timeliness of CAFs, to be aligned with risk appetite, policies & procedures, with key risks and mitigants identified

d) Make a clear recommendation to the appropriate credit committee.

e) Timely submission of credit proposals in line with prescribed timeframe for submission to Credit Committees for approval.

f) Ensure good quality of credit risk management information presented to Credit Committees ensuring consistency, quality, and objectivity of presentation.

g) Contribute towards enhancement of Risk Acceptance Criteria (RAC) for Wholesale Banking credit portfolio with focus on the material portfolios supporting development of profitable credit portfolios

h) Review the inputs of rating models to ensure consistency of application, accuracy, and appropriateness of input factors to generate RR

  • Business Support

a) Support the first line of defense across a number of geographies and work across all types of transactions within Corporate and sovereign credit risks.

b) To provide support in terms of interpretation of the Group Credit Policy its related Standards and Procedures.

c) Available for consultation on Credit Application Forms (CAF) as to whether the CAF is adequate in terms of its explanation and mitigation of the risks associated with the transaction under discussion.

d) On submission of the CAF the Credit Analyst ensures that it is in compliance with group policies and requirements. Comments on any deficiencies and indicates a level of support, be it positive, negative or conditional for the submission.

e) On a sample basis (minimum of 10%) the Credit Analyst ensures that spreadsheets have been compiled correctly, covenants have been complied with and any additional conditionality delivered.

f) The Credit Analyst is to ensure that any documentation outstanding on the OOO (Out of Order) report is covered in the CAF and reasons provided to mitigate any potential risk.

g) The Credit Analyst is to monitor developments in the countries he/she covers. There is an expectation of travel to the countries on an annual basis with such visits informing the annual review of the bank’s exposure in that country.

h) To monitor the completeness of the annual reviews from a country and ensure that they are delivered on a timely basis.

i) From time to time the Credit Analyst will be required to deliver reports on sectors within a country or assist in the compilation of a wider report across many jurisdictions.

j) As part of the portfolio management process the HCRB must identify any relationships or sectors that could result in elevated credit risk or non-repayment of the borrower’s obligations. All such names must appear on the report – Accounts Requiring Close Monitoring before being downgraded to a Risk Rating 8.

k) Promote and support the Bank's agenda with its stakeholders (e.g., auditors, rating agencies, CBB, internal CRG teams)

l) Effective contribution and support to Department Change Management Projects, Business plans and budgets

m) Maintain independence of 2nd line of defence while ensuring timely and active support to 1st line of defence in underwriting acceptable credit transactions

n) To be involved in risk related projects that can comprise a number of items from a single item; such as a report amendment adding to the efficiency or effectiveness of the department, to providing input on a multi-million dollar transformational project. In either instance the Credit Analyst is to provide assistance and support as part of the general day to day business.

Development and training

a) The Credit Analysts must ensure that they are receiving appropriate training from either internal or external sources.
b) Attend online or external / internal seminars or presentations from subject matter experts.

Job Context (Circumstances & environment surrounding the job):

The job holder is expected:

  • Recognise the need to balance risk-prudence with actual market-practices/pressures and support growth of a sustainable well managed risk portfolio.
  • Understand risk strategy and appetite documents.
  • Monitor and analyse bank’s different credit portfolios in Corporate and Sovereign names.
  • Demonstrate compliance with the bank’s policies, standards and procedures.
  • Awareness of regulatory requirements in Bahrain and other markets.

Job Requirements: 


  • Decision-making skills to avoid high-risk loans and loss of profits for the Bank
  • Strong analytical skills to consider all relevant information about loan applicants and a company's credit profile;
  • Familiarity with accounting standards, with regard to client financials and their analyses, the treatment and reflection of business/product types;
  • Up to date knowledge and interpretation of legal, accounting and regulatory guidelines;
  • Strong analytical and interpreting skills on exposures data, and related market/ economy knowledge, so as to discern and present risks;

Education/ Certifications

  • Minimum qualifications are a post graduate degree in Economics, Finance, Accountancy or Business Administration with a strong foundation in analytical, statistical, and other quantitative techniques;


  • A minimum of 10 years’ experience in banking with a substantial part of that in Credit functions across section of products, markets and business types e.g., traditional commercial banking, loans syndications, trade finance (structured and unstructured), project finance, securities investment/trading, capital markets and knowledge of Treasury products profile and use in trading/hedging;
  • Experience in GCC markets is preferred but not essential.

Personal Attributes

  • Working knowledge of standard software applications in use e.g., MS Office, as well as standard system architecture within typical banking software.
  • Contemporary knowledge of credit risk related software availabilities/ development in the market;
  • Collaborative and Team player with ability to work independently and in a structured manner to ensure ongoing contribution to the team.
  • Quick learner able to move with changes in technology and fast changing banking environment
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