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Portfolio Manager/ Consultant Multi-strategy Platform

Non-disclosed London, United Kingdom
Posted 6 days ago Flexible Permanent Amongst the Highest Payouts in the industry

The Opportunity

Capital Market professionals often identify outstanding trade opportunities they cannot action themselves, either because they don't have the mandate or the capital. 

The amount of value left on the table by the “I wish I could do it” trade is staggering.  

Our innovative multi-strategy platform provides exceptionally talented professionals the infrastructure to monetise their expertise.


Who we are

Based in London and Dubai, our multi-strategy proprietary trading firm is owned by the ex-founder of a large successful hedge fund. You would be placed under his direct responsibility. 

As we deploy our own capital, we are very flexible in our compensation structures and capacity to execute trading strategies. 

We operate across all asset classes in listed markets with a fundamental approach.


Why we are different

We are here to fill the gaps left by larger multi-strategy platforms and tap into trading opportunities they can’t or won’t access.

The threshold for us to allocate is very high as we are only looking to trade when the risk-reward is truly asymmetric. 

Our main focus is Delta 1/ Arbitrage / Market Making/ Matched Principal, i.e trading two flows of the same or similar product where a spread can be made by buying one and selling the other with no or very limited market risk.   

We can also be opportunistic, i.e exploit market dislocations such as trading CLOs in 2009, merger arbitrage in 2020 or ITRAXX tranches in 2022. 

We typically test people with a small capital allocation and once they earned our trust, we rapidly structure win-win partnerships.


Who are we looking for

Experienced PM, trader, research analyst, specialised broker with a proven and profitable strategy or trade.

Position can be full-time, part-time or temporary, and we are open to partner with talented professionals based in every geography or acting as external consultants.

This opportunity is suited for people with an entrepreneurial mindset looking for flexibility and high payouts.




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