"I want to work in M&A despite a chronic condition that exhausts me"

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I have an aggressive illness that can make me very tired, but I would like to work in M&A and I feel that I should qualify for diversity programs on the grounds of disability. Can anyone give me some advice?

The illness that I have is chronic, but I am also hopeful of a cure. While a cure doesn't exist yet, I am living my life in the hope and belief that one will be available in the future. 

Until then, however, I am stuck taking a cocktail of medications with a range of side effects including brain fog and anemia. I have trouble concentrating and fatigue, and to counteract this I have to be extremely diligent about my health. I am currently studying a top MBA and I feel that I need to study much harder than everyone else to get the same grades. 

My ambition is to work in banking or in private equity. I understand that the work can involve long hours, but I have been able to handle the MBA course and see no reason why I can't handle finance too - especially if my condition is cured. 

My interest in finance is twofold. On one hand, I am genuinely interested in the role: I love building models and valuing businesses; I enjoy being an expert on hand for clients, and I like structuring deals. On the other, I want to earn good money. The drugs I need to treat my condition are expensive and cost $13k a month. Even when covered by health insurance most plans ask me to max my deductible in the first month, and this typically costs around $3.5k. I feel a sense of general anxiety about accessing my medication. 

As I apply for banking jobs, however, I feel that employers should recognize the challenges I have faced and overcome. Until there is a cure, I am effectively disabled, but this has not prevented me from studying an extremely demanding MBA. Are there banks out there that will recognize my achievement and make allowances for my disability? Asking for a friend....

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